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Super Mum

Hands up the Super Mum’s

So this weeks blog

I have so many ideas going round in my head this week, work, career change, kids, exams for kids.

My illness has been bad so I decided to keep it lighthearted this time.

A few things I have noticed this week about being a wife and mother, the first one is everyone comes to you. But don’t actually come to you they shout from other room.

Instead of coming into the room you are in and it usually goes along the line of “MUMMMMM where is my ………”

Now I don’t even reply I wait a whole minute for the “Found it” which is usually what will follow. Of course there is always a disaster that if mum cant find it then it is 100% lost in the abyss of a teenagers bedroom.

Is it wrong that when they are grown up with a house of their own I want to go round, put all the lights on while leaving doors open and make a mess.

So why does mum have to know where everything is, my son will say where are my jeans.

I don’t wear them, I couldn’t get my ample curves into anything of his, and if I could why would I have his jeans anyway.

Then you have the gorgeous princesses in our life, I often wonder how the perfect winged eyeliner can be achieved while no comprehension of a washing machine operation.

Have we as parents stopped teaching the basics, in all seriousness I often wonder. If by doing everything for them am I hindering their personal journey.

Don’t get me wrong my kids have chores to do. But when I was 13 I could prepare and cook a Sunday roast, I knew what needed doing in the house to help my mum.

Is it the fact that I am just used to doing it, I watched Mr A this week. He is a good one and always helps out does the chores, for instance we both had somewhere to go the other day early in the morning.

We both got up had showers etc.. Mr A got dressed grab some breakfast and went on his way.

I made the bed, cleaned the en-suite, emptied the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen all while applying make up and getting my bag ready.

So do women do this without thinking?

I will go upstairs while grabbing anything that needs to go up,  when I get up there I put the clean washing away.  while I get changed, the kids or the husband go upstairs and they JUST go upstairs!!!

LMAO I mean what is that like?

With all this said I am blessed to have an amazing husband and 3 great kids who I am very proud of, I know how lucky I am to be a mum it is a privilege that so many don’t get.

Take Care

Jules OUT



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