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Ladies Evening

My first Ladies Evening


So, here I was sitting down listening to a fellow Younique Presenter tell us about her ladies evening her team and her had put on.

Wow, that sounded and looked amazing. Now I always have a ‘Personal Development’ book on the go and this week was no different. I had been listening to Mel Robbins ‘5 second rule’. I always feel I should make sure people know it’s not the one about the food dropping on the floor. She says in the book she wished she had come up with something smarter, but that is exactly what it is.

So, the message of the book and in turn the ‘Rule’ is this. When you get an idea in your head you should count down from 5 and then move or do something before you talk yourself out of it.  Think of it this way, your best friend calls you up and says “can I come stay with you for one night somethings happened” as your best friend she replies, “of course you can” its what’s known as a no brainer!

That is what the rule is trying to teach you, those things that happen and you don’t have to even think about them because your gut instinct pushes you to say yes. Well the gut or heart knows but your brain isn’t convinced so after just 5 seconds your brain will start to give you reasons why you shouldn’t.

This is how the ‘ladies evening’ I put on came about, after listening to how well my team member’s night had gone, I thought I am going to put one on. 5 4 3 2 1 … I emailed the golf club and set the date.  Then I made sure I told people who would hold me accountable, cancelling was not an option.

I had used the new rule and put things in place, now the hard work was ahead. I have just 3 weeks to organize a ladies evening. I have NEVER put on anything like this before, the biggest event I have done with Just Jules brand is a launch party at my house which 12 of my friends.

But organizing is something I do well, some would say too well. But putting it together was never my concern, this night was just about the Just Jules Brand and the younique products behind it. This night was just about me! Then it dawned on me, I had to stand up in front of people and talk. Talk about me, my journey, my why and the products I love.

The day arrived of my event and the nerves are kicking in, I am snapping a little and just wondering why I am putting myself through this. Arriving at the venue and as always Oak Park have thought of everything, tables are ready for my display as well as welcome drinks for everyone ready to be poured.

Now this just got real! My palms are sweaty; my heart is racing and I am one cock up away from a panic attack. But I keep it together.  The first of the ladies start to arrive, the relief showing on my face I think. Then more arrived.


7.00pm            40 ladies arrived to be a part of my first event.

7.30pm            Arrival drinks of Prosecco are served.

                        Along with my purple goodie bags I have put together

8.00pm            Everyone is seated, happily drinking their drinks.


Then I stood up and started to talk… the rest of it is a blur of pure adrenaline and a feeling I

Could take on the world. My night was a great success and surpass any expectations I had for it, having received some amazing feedback and made some new friends I was a very happy lady as I waved the last lady off.

Flopped into my chair at home by 11pm with a coffee and a biscuit, feeling pretty pleased with myself.

The reason I am telling you this is simple, if I can stand up in front of 40 people and talk about me, my business and products. ANYONE can, in just 12 months I have changed a lot. Imagine what the next 12 months’ hold!!! Come with me and let’s see


Take care


Jules Out xx



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