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Daith Piercing vs Headaches

Daith Piercing vs Headaches


OK so I have read the stories of people saying it is a cure for headaches, I am sceptical to say the least but if you are a sufferer of constant headaches and migraines you will know that you will try sacrificing a chicken to male them stop (no chickens were harmed in the writing of this blog).

So what have I got to lose really? £20 at the most and it’s a pretty cool piercing and quite understated.  I called up our local tattooist and asked if they did them and how, I did swallow a gulp when he said with a needle and not the traditional gun but I mean I have had 3 kids, 2 of which were naturally how bad can it be?

So Sunday morning armed with my bottle of diet lemonade I head off alone to the local tattoo shop, I am nervous I wont lie but I have had a horrific headache for days and I am willing to try anything right now.

Sit in the chair while Monty (nice tattoo and piercing dude) makes my ear and asks if I am ready, I think I mumbled something resembling yes and he stuck a lolly pop stick behind where he was piercing and in went the needle, I wont lie it hurt a bit (more than a bit) but bearable and over in seconds I didn’t feel him take the needle out or put the ring I had requested in.  Feeling very chuffed with myself I head off home to show it off.

I actually think its pretty, I leave it alone for two hours then give it a clean with the solution supplied, slept no problem with it on the first night and it wasn’t in a bad way when I got up, I am cleaning it a few times a day.

A Week On

So its a week on from having the piercing and I cant lie I have seen a massive difference in my headaches I wouldn’t say they have gone completely but I can see such an improvement in them I am due to have my eyes tested this week so I am hoping to see an even bigger improvement

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