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Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the Bulge


So I am here again and still battling the weight fairy, the issue is I will never be happy with how I look and I have had to make peace with that. In my opinion My body is a 2, my face is a 3 and my personality is a 5 makes me a perfect 10…no? Anyway as some of you may know I joined slimming world a few years ago got on really well then did what a lot do I just stopped going when I got close and figured I could do it on my own ….guess what? Yep I put the weight back on and then some.

I was so annoyed with myself but you know its life so I went back to a new group, I didn’t want to go back to the old one as people would comment on the weight I had gained etc or so I thought…. so I went to the new group for a few weeks, really Nice people but I just couldn’t settle there I never wanted to stay and I am someone who needs that image therapy and the Peter Kay clapping (only works if you are a PK fan) But could I really go back? I had friends there so maybe I would blend in …. I was scared is the truth. But after a quick chat with Kat the SW Consultant, she convinced me to go back “everyone will be thrilled to see you” I wasn’t convinced but I just came back from a holiday and was looking at the photos one in particular stood out I am with my youngest daughter and boy the camera never lies, sadly.

So Friday came and I was sitting in the car park wondering could I do it without the group, after an arse kicking from Sam (Juggins) virtually and a “you best be there this week” from Karen (Craven) I walked through those doors and what a welcome, yes Karen hugged me then slapped me but that was just what I needed, It felt so right to be back there and I knew I had made the right decision. Kat was spot on about going back and everyone was great, no one judge or even asked why or how I had put weight on it was just what I needed at that time.

As I write this I am half way on my weight loss journey and I think that’s something to write home about, I have received my 1 ½ stone award and my club 10 which means I have lost 10% of my body weight (which has a lot of benefits) and not only that:-

I have dropped nearly 2 dress sizes (depending on the shop)

I have lost 22 pound

I have lost a staggering 15 inches in total from my chest (2) waist (7) and hips (6) and look like this

Thats just at the  half way mark,  Slimming World isn’t a fad diet, it isn’t a quick fix… it’s a healthy eating plan for real people with real lives and families. Its not about only eating celery its about real food, steak and chips, pasta, rice, curry…. I could go on. I also have a Curly Wurly most days!!!

We all have times where life is just so hard and the last thing we think of is looking after ourselves or eating healthy, if you are poorly or someone close to you is a takeaway is sometimes the answer and that’s OK! Rome wasn’t built in a day and putting weight on wasn’t instant, no you cant have a pizza a night and lose weight but what I have discovered is this is for the long haul. Will I never have chips from the chip shop again… are you MAD?? Of course I will, we spend so much time being hard on ourselves we forget it’s a marathon not a sprint. Life is for living …. I still have half way to go but I am a lot closer than I was three months ago that’s for sure. Had I have not taken the advice and encouragement from the people already mentioned, my family and my amazing SW group I would have put more weight on and with major surgery looming I need to be fighting fit.

If you are struggling at the moment then I hope this has helped in some way, but I know you got this!!!

Jules out






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