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Whatever happened to the cuppa and chinwag?

Whatever happened to the cuppa and chinwag?


Sitting in Costa Coffee at 9.30am on a Sunday morning, watching the world go by not many are in here just me a couple of guys with the paper who I suspect have been kicked out of the house. I am alone so relying on my phone for company and text a couple of pals from my hometown and after a few texts back and forth we are talking about the old days where we would pop into each others house without an invite for a cuppa and chinwag.

So taking that onboard I start to think about my childhood and teenage years, my mum was always going to one of her friends for a cuppa sometimes I would go as well, sometimes she would just go to the neighbours and my dad would send me after 2 hours to tell her he was waiting to go shopping or something. It was a normal part of life … when I had Courtney and my own place the tradition continued I was always having someone round for a catch up or going to theirs, I would just turn up at the front door of my neighbours and if they were busy it was no big deal I would just go back later.

So I had to ask myself why that doesn’t happen now and is it just me?

Is it because I am no longer living in my home town? Is it a sign of the times?

I took to my Facebook which is family and friends only to ask them what they think and if they still do it or miss it If they don’t.

I have to say I was surprised by the response as no one who replied still has this tradition and all missed it. So why has it diminished if we all miss it so much.

I could easily put it down to the fact I am now some 125 miles away from my hometown but I don’t think that is fair, I have kept most of my friends from Birmingham and made some amazing ones here. So although it would be really easy for me to say “oh yeah its because I left Birmingham” but that really isn’t the case as people who responded to me some are still in their hometown and still miss it.

I could say its because of my illness and how I have to cancel things sometimes so yes I think that is maybe why I don’t get invited to loads of events, but my friends tend to come to me when I am in flare up so it can’t really be that either.

So for me I think it’s a sign of the times we are all so much busier these days, with kids who need dropping here there and everywhere, when I was a kid we were out or in and it was safer. Plus, with the modern technology its so easy to have a “Virtual” coffee which is great if its an old school friend who is 2 hours away, I am not advocating turning up at your friends without any notice as if you do that to me you will find me with no bra on and my PJs on (no matter what time) and looking like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards. What I am saying is drop a text and say you free for a coffee today, in an hour, whatever let’s make March {Cuppa and a chinwag} month. No I doubt it will catch on either ha-ha but just stop and think if a friend texts you about popping in for a coffee and the house is a mess or the kids are driving you nuts, don’t just dismiss it with an excuse as let’s face it the housework will still be there and if you really want to get out of the house arrange to meet at one of the thousands of coffee shops around the country.

Let’s bring it back, lets put the phones down, the tablets the laptops and go have a coffee with a friend and I guarantee you even if you have been plagued with depression or low mood. 30 Minutes with your friends will make you feel like a new person and you will want to do it again and again

Jules Out


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