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Hi I’m Jules


I’m Julie Allen and the creator of the Just Jules Brand.


I am just a normal 40 something-year-old woman who has been looking for something ‘different’ for so long. I love to write in fact my love of writing took me to start writing blogs which are on all on this site, I am a Fibromyalgia Warrior, a wife, a daughter, and a mum to 3 plus one fur baby.


I have worked all of my adult life, I have also been someone’s mum all my adult life so I am no stranger to hard work that’s for sure.


I was always in more of administration roles until I found my special gift. I could sell without actually “selling”. This came in the form of storage facilities, I discovered that once I knew my trade I could do anything. I learned very quickly that people buy from people. I was and have always been a “people person” so this was perfect for me.


Now fast forward to 2014, My husband and I have a very successful management company and with all successes comes some stumbling blocks and we were no different due to ill health (mine especially) in November 2015 we closed the doors for the very last time on our business and had to start again.


This time around it was going to be even harder, my fibromyalgia and arthritis were a lot worse and no signs of getting better any time soon, with that came a lot of changes to be made. I have always worked, so not to be able to was very difficult, for both me and my mental health.


Enter, Younique, In March 2016 I joined Younique as a new independent presenter nervous of course, but this on paper offered me all I needed. I could work from home, hell I could work from my bed if I wanted too and have done! I didn’t need to do house parties if I didn’t want too. Now that was good as my confidence was at complete rock bottom, I saw others posting selfies and so happy.


After just 6 months, I am now building my team and my brand, my confidence is so high I now jump on Facebook and do a live broadcast!!


I wouldn’t even post a selfie when I started, anyone who knew me prior to Younique can’t believe the change in me and those who have only known me since Yyounique, they can’t believe I had confidence issues.


I became an independent Presenter for Younique in March 2016 and now I am building up a team of like minded ladies from all over the world. I also suffer with an “Invisible” illness which can render me completely disabled on bad days. I was introduced to Younique by a friend of mine when I said I was looking for something I could do even from my bed on days I can’t get up!


It was my dream job, well it isn’t even a job its too much fun to be a job, I get to play with the most amazing makeup and post on Facebook all day whenever and wherever I want.


Owning my own business has helped supplement my income, given me the confidence to be live on Facebook, changed my whole life, outlook and how I deal with things. I have met some amazing people who have become great friends and each day I meet new people all from the comfort of my home office or the local coffee shop if my heart desires.


I am part of one of the largest teams in the UK so if you’d like to join us or would like more information please contact me. Alternatively, if you would like more information on Younique products or you would like me to be your Younique Presenter you can find me on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


Love Jules XX